Taking back control? The challenges of legal and illegal migration

9.30 - 10.30


Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP

Minister for Immigration

Poppy Coburn

Assistant US Opinion Editor - The Telegraph

David Goodhart

Head of Demography, Immigration & Integration - Policy Exchange

Karl Williams

Deputy Research Director - Centre for Policy Studies

Nick Timothy

Chair of the Future of Conservatism Project - UK Onward

Rishi Sunak has made stopping the boats one of his key priorities – but new arrivals keep coming. Meanwhile, legal immigration has hit record highs, increasing pressure on public services and infrastructure. How can we better manage migration? Join us for a lively discussion on this vital issue.

Won't somebody think of the children?

11.00 - 12.00


Dame Rachel de Souza

Children's Commissioner for England

Sir Daniel Moynihan

CEO - Harris Federation

Rt Hon Kit Malthouse MP


Mark Lehain

Head of Education - Centre for Policy Studies

Rachel Sylvester

Political columnist at The Times

With pupil absence rising, the attainment gap widening and children’s social care creaking, what can the Government do to help young people recover from the pandemic? How can we improve things for children, their families and those who work with them? Join our expert panel for a crucial discussion.

How do we make energy cheaper?

12.30 - 13.30 | Sponsored by EDF/EON


Gareth Davies MP

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

Philippe Commaret

Managing Director for Customers - EDF Energy

Chris Norbury

Chief People Officer - E.ON UK

Dillon Smith

Researcher for Energy and Environment Policy - Centre for Policy Studies

Andy Manning

Citizens Advice

Mhari Aurora

Politics and Business Correspondent - Sky News

Putin’s war in Ukraine has only exacerbated an underlying affordability crisis in Britain’s energy bills. Does this era of high prices now call for a different approach? Who will end up paying when households can’t afford their energy bills?Join political, industry & consumer experts for a lively discussion.

In conversation with



Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Secretary of State for Defence

Robert Colvile

Director - Centre for Policy Studies

Iain Martin

Times Columnist and Director - London Defence Conference

Is it time to rethink the green belt?

15.30 - 16.30 | Sponsored by LPDF


Anya Martin

Co-Director - Priced Out

Roger Mortlock


Rt Hon Sir Brandon Lewis MP


Paul Brocklehurst

Chairman - LPDF

Emma Revell

Head of Communication and Public Affairs - Centre for Policy Studies

It’s one of the most controversial issues in British politics – and one that only a brave politician would touch. But is our one-size-fits-all approach to the green belt still appropriate, given the scale of the housing crisis? Might there be better ways to protect the countryside? Expect a lively debate.

How the UK can become a tech superpower

17.00 - 18.00 | Sponsored by City of London Corporation


Rt Hon Michelle Donelan MP

Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology

Charlotte Crosswell

Chair - CFIT (Centre for Finance, Innovation and Technology)

Matthew Sinclair

Economist and Media and Tech Consultant

Chris Hayward

Policy Chairman - City of London Corporation

Nick King

Research Fellow - Centre for Policy Studies

The Government has repeatedly highlighted its ambition to support the tech sector, and position our firms to seize new opportunities. But have we got the regulatory recipe right? Join our panel of industry professionals and policy experts to discuss what the UK is doing right – and where it’s going wrong.

CapX Live: What have the Tories ever done for us?

18.30 - 19.30


Alys Denby

Editor - CapX

Dr Frank Luntz

Pollster and Communication Analyst

Ben Houchen

Mayor of Tees Valley

Andy Street

Mayor of the West Midlands

Rachel Cunliffe

Associate Political Editor, New Statesman

With the general election looming, the Tories will have to campaign on their record. But what is that record? What are the Tories’ key achievements in office – and what should they be focusing on if they want to lengthen that list before the next election?